Together with Tim Taylor Marketing, we offer members, employees and franchisees the option of earning money and becoming famous on the internet with their own photograph.

TTPCG provides an opportunity

Additionally, we offer the module "TTPCG provides an opportunity". If you permit our PR-team to send your image to US image agencies, there will be further benefits for you by way of additional search results in search engines. For you this means that particularly advertising agencies may acquire rights in your photograph (without indicating your name) for advertising purposes and that they may use your photograph (without indicating your name) for trustworthy advertising purposes. By the cooperation of US image agencies with providers in Europe, your image may also be visible in Europe

This is especially the case using the Google image search, which is based on indexing of images. This is done using "crawlers" (a kind of automated "user engine") in the WWW. This crawler follows the links on websites. It finds almost every website this way. Images are mostly indexed by the "Googlebot-images/1.0" (since late 2010, the "normal" Googlebot/2.1 has also performed image indexing). Your websites, which your licensor provides you with for advertising purposes as single consultant/Center Manager, will have better search results in natural listings of the search engines by "TTPCG provides an opportunity". Therefore, you need to expend less by way of financial investments, e.g. for advertising your websites with Google AdWords, to receive the benefits of D.C.A. Once the credit for your photograph from third-party use exceeds USD 100.00, we will pay out the usage fees for your photo to you without deducting costs. Up to the credit of USD 100.00, any credits generated from the cooperation with the image agencies shall be used for cost refinancing of the PR activities, which we will perform person-specifically for TTPCG licensees. For this, it may be necessary that our PRTeam receive the photographer's declaration that he irrevocably assigns his copyright in your photograph. Alternatively, you can declare that there are no third-party copyrights in the submitted image in the form. We have had positive experiences with "TTPCG provides an opportunity". Many TTPCG members from different country markets, as well as employees of TTPCG Inc. and its subsidiaries are already participating and thus use benefits that "TTPCG provides an opportunity" offers its users.

How does the image search work?

The images that the crawler finds on a website are copied by Google Inc. and filed on Google servers. They are also analyzed: What is the file name? What alt text (alternative information for visually impaired persons) does the image have? What is written before and behind the image? The target is to assign the image to specific terms as precisely as possible. Under these terms, the image will then be potentially displayed in the Google image search. The benefit is that your press reports and your websites can be found in a targeted manner.

Note on Copyright

The photograph’s author automatically holds the rights resulting from copyright law. They are the moral rights and usage rights.

What is the publication right?

The publication right is subject to rules. It grants the author the right to decide on the "whether" and "how" of publication. However, this right only applies to first publication. Once the photograph has been published for the first time, the photographer can no longer invoke this right.

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